Fireside chat with Alexandr Zhukov on the topic “The good, the bad and the ugly patent”.

At 19:00 on September 16, at “Chasopys”, we will hold a fireside chat with Alexandr Zhukov on the topic “The good, the bad and the ugly patent”.

Zhukov is a successful businessman and inventor, having received his first certificate at the age of 21. He currently holds patents for:
– Object-recognition and database-population for video-indexing;
– Frequency domain interest point descriptor;
– Logging events in media files including frame matching;
– Correlating sensor inputs with content stream intervals and selectively requesting and transmitting content streams.
Zhukov was the VP Engineering at Viewdle, one of the best-known Ukrainian startup projects, and participated in its exit when it was sold to Google. Mr. Zhukov is also the owner of two US companies,Videogorillas and Live4, having made, by his own admission “a million through science, which he has invested back into science”.

At the meeting, our guest will talk about how life makes you creative and invent, about why not everyone finds patents beneficial, about how to reconcile open-source proponents with patents, and will explain the difference between academic and applied science and whether it is necessary to involve lawyers in writing a patent. Discussion will be led by Denis Dovgopoliy, president of the GrowthUP accelerator

Language of the event: Russian
Date: 16.09
Time: 19.00
Place: “Chasopys” (Library)
Entrance fee: 120 UAH