The workshop will be conducted by Kyryl Bystriakov, a Senior Product Manager at FastSpring Inc. Kyryl is responsible for the new generation of the company’s e-commerce platform. Earlier he worked with projects which required “crisis product management”, his core competence is figuring out what’s the “right mix” for the product and bringing it to the market.

Kyryl will conduct the workshop for projects with MVP, which is turning into a marketable product; for entrepreneurs, whose project or product is working, but the time for major update is approaching. During the workshop, Kyryl will share certain practical approaches that will help to define the right time for a company to make an update, plan, and gather the right team to launch it successfully.

The workshop will be held within Business Development, Sales & Marketing for Startups project:

We will discuss the following:
pros and cons of the “second” and more versions
“value focus”
the importance of design
beta testing and early engagement
business model and its influence on the second versions (subscription, free/payment required upgrades, free products, etc.)
when it’s time to change your team
abstraction level / code level / team level

Date: July 12
Time: 19:00-21:30
Place: Chasopys EduSpace, Velyka Vasylkivska St., 30
Price: 500 UAH