How to gather the product team and organize its work

A good team is the core of every successful project. The hardships that may appear inside if it, can be harmful to the product and the company itself. How to gather the team, pass through the Forming/Storming stage up to the Performing one painless? Kyryl Bystriakov, Senior Product Manager at FastSpring, and Sergey Kudriashov, serial product manager, will share their experience with the audience.

We will discuss the following:
— the types of people and teams;
— how to gather the right team, that a particular project needs;
— how to work with the existing teams;
— how to work and what aspects of team require special attention in order to get a successful project.

Kyryl Bystriakov — Senior Product Manager at FastSpring Inc. Kyryl is responsible for the new generation of the company’s e-commerce platform. Earlier he worked with projects which required “crisis product management”, his core competence is figuring out what’s the “right mix” for the product and bringing it to the market.

Sergey Kudriashov — Product Manager with 10+ years of experience in building consumer desktop & mobile products from Acronis & Parallels to MacPaw & Softorino. Now Sergey is building several mobile products with remote teams all over the world.

Entrance fee: 500 UAH