A workshop “Ukraine: Startup landscape” will be conducted by the managing director of GrowthUP business accelerator Nikolay Savin on June, 12. Nikolay will talk to the audience at National Conservatory of Arts and crafts in Paris, France, about the history and the current state of Ukrainian startup ecosystem. He will provide the insight into most prominent and promising projects, as well as opportunities for investors and funds on Ukrainian tech industry market. Emphasis will be placed on integration into the global economy, success stories from Ukraine, long-term trends of 2005-2015, and structural changes made to the industry from 2005-2015 as a result of the crisis. During the presentation, current figures and facts, as well as the most active market players, will be mentioned. You can learn more about the event and register here: http://bit.ly/1JwjR17
This event will be a part of Futur en Seine digital festival. Read more here: http://www.futur-en-seine.paris/en/

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