GrowthUP+ Venture Seed Fund

GrowthUP+ is a venture seed-fund that was created within the GrowthUP accelerator in autumn 2013. As part of our investment strategy, we co-finance projects with $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 in the company’s share capital or convertible note and can invest in projects on the basis of a preliminary constituent agreement. We primarily focus on projects that are globally-oriented in industries with markets of at least $500 million dollars, are at the pre-seed and seed-stage, are considered В2В/В2С internet services or hardware, are created by developers with expertise in their field, and have confirmed proof of concept or business.

Those projects that have participated in the GrowthUP acceleration program have priority and applications for projects submitted based on recommendations from our partners are also considered on a priority basis.

We believe that investment alone is insufficient for the successful development of a project and we are therefore prepared to supplement the projects in which we have invested with the experience that our team has gained in the following areas:
1. Internet services (including SaaS-solutions).
2. Mobile apps.
3. Desktop solutions (only in B2B).
4. E-commerce.
5. Assisting startups that maintain strong R&D teams and technology that can be developed, commercialized, and brough to major markets.


Our team


Anna Smyrnova


Snezhana Sukhoroslova


Denis Dovgopoliy

Managing partner

Nikolay Savin

Partner. Deal flow director