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AIN, May 2016 Swiss FinTech accelerator Fintech FUSION is inviting startups. Denis Dovgopoliy is now its Ambassador in Ukraine
AIN, April 2016 How to define a right price for your product if you are a B2B or B2C startup (Rus), April 2016 Recap: Pirate Summit Kiev – April 18th, 2016
Global Ukraine News, April 2016 Kyiv Startup Week has started
BrainTV, April 2016 Denis Dovgopoliy Interview (Rus), April 2016 Changers challenged to develop tech entrepreneurship ecosystem strategy
Epravda, April 2016 How mobile Internet is changing the world and TOP-5 startups in Ukraine. iForum 2016 in review (Ukr)
UBR, April 2016 TOP-5 startups in 2015 (Rus)
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, April 2016 Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine together with GrowthUP Group conducted a workshop for scientists on commercialization of the results of scientific and technological activities (Ukr)
Delo.Ua, April 2016 Ukrainian startup market grew by 20-30% in 2015 (Rus)
AIN, April 2016 What people abroad think about Ukrainian IT industry: five opinions and recommendations for improving the current situation (Rus)
Imena.Ua, April 2016 New program for Ukrainian startups from GrowthUP, Hubraum Krakow and Deutsche Telekom (Rus)
AIN, April 2016 What the 50 mile rule is and how it affects Ukrainian funds and startups (Rus)
AIN, March 2016 “I have a question concerning future of Kyiv as a startup hub”, – Nikolay Savin, director at GrowthUP Business Accelerator (Rus)
Delo.Ua, March 2016 The value of higher education is not in knowledge but in world outlook – Denis Dovgopoliy, GrowthUP Group (Rus)
AIN, March 2016 Ukrainian team is making a bracelet that can read an electrocardiogram and monitor health of a user (Rus)
Delo.Ua, March 2016 Business Accelerator GrowthUP will teach scientists how to earn money (Rus)
Government Portal, March 2016 Serhiy Kvit: There will be created a favourable environment for scientific inventions in Ukraine (Ukr)
AIN, March 2016 Founder of Workcelerator Igor Stefurak is collecting Ukrainian startups at Product Hunt (Rus)
Imena.Ua, February 2016 Online Magazine Expertorama: “Our policy states: informative longread only”
Delo.Ua, February 2016 Why services for cofounder’s search don’t work and where you can really can find a partner for your startup (Ukr)
AIN, February 2016 Why there’s still not enough classical venture funds in Ukraine and how this affects IT-field, February 2016 Ukraine’s in TOP-5 world’s software developers – interview with Denis Dovgopoliy (Rus)
AIN, January 2016 How to sell a time machine or perpetuum mobile to investor: what makes Ukrainian inventors fail (Rus)
Startup Network, January 2016 Reading success stories of others, you will never create a “unicorn”. Go your own way! (Rus)
AIN, December 2015 2015 in review: top-10 Ukrainian startups that proved themselves this year (Rus), December 2015 Denis Dovgopolyi: Some points to know about working with people (Rus), December 2015 «Millionaires from Odessa» and gadgets in garages (Ukr)
Hromadske, December 2015 How to create a startup? Interview with Igor Stefurak (Ukr)
AIN, December 2015 Basic manners or why is it unappropriate to be late – opinion of Denis Dovgopoliy (Rus)
AIN, December 2015 GrowthUP and the Ministry of Education are going to educate Ukrainian scientists how to raise money (Rus)
Hubs, December 2015 A true investor is the who has lost his money for three times, still saved his motivation (Rus)
Biz.Liga, December 2015 The unbroken record 2015: Ukrainian startups attracted $100 million investment (Rus)
KyivPost, December 2015 Canadian mobile solution provider acquires Ukrainian notification service Jeapie
CNN, November 2015 SOC Prime Announces Technology Alliance With Qualys
AIN, November 2015 Ukrainian Startup Jeapie Sold to Canadian Company Mobify (Rus)
Biz.Liga, November 2015 Canadian Mobify acquired Ukrainian Jeapie (Rus)
Web Summit Blog, November 2015 Angels’ Choice Award: Thursday’s picks
iGate, November 2015 Flash quote: How do they motivate staff in IT and telecom? (Rus), November 2015 Denis Dovgopolyi from GrowthUP on everyday work in Silicon Valley (video interview, Ukr)
AIN, November 2015 Latest trends of global and Ukrainian e-commerce: presentation by Denis Dovgopoliy (Rus), November 2015 Vitaly Kedyk, Wishround: Crowdfunding Is not Suitable for Online Group Purchases (Rus)
Retail Community, November 2015 Differences between consumer behaviour in Ukraine and Poland (Rus)
Chytomo, November 2015 Service: Ukrainian CourseYard and Let the Books Be More Interactive (Ukr)
iGate, November 2015 How to make money on guides: startup Experitus story (Rus)
AIN, November 2015 Difficulties candidates meet when employed – cases and recommendations (Rus).
Epravda, November 2015
IT-підприємець Денис Довгополий: Сьогодні анонсуєш угоду – завтра до тебе прийдуть з обшуком

INN Poland, October 2015 Z Ukrainy do Polski. “Polski rynek staje się dla ukraińskich firm szansą na przetrwanie” (Pl)
Facebook Post, October 2015 “Як почати успішну справу всього життя”., October 2015 Why in the market any money isn’t always good? (Rus), October 2015 Книга – не лучший подарок: что хочет получать поколение миллениалов.
AIN, October 2015 Why students in the USA prefer working for startups rather than for Google or Facebook? (Rus)
AIN, October 2015 A project on job and internship search launches in Ukraine (Rus), October 2015 Можно ли подавать hardware-проект на Kickstarter в надежде привлечь инвесторов без готового прототипа?.
Podster, September 2015 How to Make Money with Mobile Apps (audio podcast, Rus), September 2015 Ukrainian service of presents Wishround entering Europe (Rus)
Informacje Handlowe, September 2015 Jak sprzedać drogie towary online? (Pl)
UiP, September 2015 Wishround — have your friends make you a desired present (Rus), July 2015 Прошла ли эра лёгких стартапов?., July 2015 Israeli Entrepeneur Utilizes Ukrainian High-Tech Resources.
Jewish news, July 2015 Израильский tech-предприниматель ищет разработчиков в Украине и открывает офис.
iGate, June 2015 How FlyRe is Changing Insurance Market (Rus)
KyivPost, June 2015 Supply of business accelerators drying up. (in Ukrainian), June 2015 5 простих порад із виживання у кризу від президента акселератора GrowthUP – Дениса Довгополого.
Fintech Ukraine conference, May 2015 An overview of the fintech market by Denis Dovgopolyi (the language of the video is Russian).
Fintech Ukraine conference, May 2015Discussion “Banks VS. Fintech. Partners, not rivals” (the language of the video is Russian).
Fintech Ukraine conference, May 2015 Discussion about investments in fintech in Ukraine (the language of the video is Russian)., May 2015 “Качественных стартапов не хватает”., May 2015 Стартап VOX: cначала рост – деньги потом.
AIN, May 2015 Самые недооцененные и переоцененные стартапы в Украине и мире: мнения украинских инвесторов., April 2015 Итоги KievStartupWeek., April 2015 Инвесторы преодолевают страх.
iForum, April 2015 Results of Ukrainian Startup Rating-2014 (the language of the video is Russian).
iForum, April 2015 An overview of the changes the industry in the last 12 months by Denis Dovgopolyi (the language of the video is Russian).
AIN, April 2015 Известный стартап Coppertino получил около $200 000 от нового украинского фонда BeValue.
Ukraine Digital News, April 2015 New Ukrainian fund BeValue invests in Coppertino.
AIN, April 2015 Денис Довгополый: Как изменилась украинская отрасль стартапов за последние 12 месяцев. (in Russian), April 2015 Николай Савин про бизнес-акселератор GrowthUp на Hromadske.Idea.
Ukraine Digital News, April 2015 “Ukrainian Startup Rating” reveals top startups and industry figures.
AIN, April 2015 Топ-5 самых влиятельных людей украинского рынка стартапов по итогам 2014 года.
AIN, April 2015 Угадайте кто: Денис Довгополый назвал победителей рейтинга украинских стартапов по итогам 2014 года.
KyivPost, April 2015 iForum gathers IT lovers.
Ukraine Digital News, March 2015 Kiev Startup Week: The place to be for tech entrepreneurs and investors from Ukraine and beyond.
AIN, March 2015 История стартапа — сервиса по поиску гидов во всем мире от убежденных путешественников., March 2015 Создай свой бизнес, или Правила привлечения инвестиций., March 2015 На iForum-2015 выступят спикеры с Silicon Valley Open Doors.
DELO.UA, March 2015 Кризис заставил стартапы переориентироваться на глобальный рынок — Довгополый., March 2015 О чем болит голова у предпринимателя в Украине: 12 проблем.
Ukraine Digital News, February 2015 Israeli thought leaders to help “next high-tech miracle” emerge from Ukraine., February 2015 Игорь Стефурак, GrowthUP — о программе обучения для предпринимателей «Проект 99.7».
AIN, February 2015 GrowthUP запускает бесплатный курс для будущих предпринимателей «Проект 99.7»., February 2015 Hexlet — образовательная платформа для программистов.
AIN, February 2015 Еще один украинский seed-фонд: заработал GrowthUP+ Дениса Довгополого и Николая Савина.
AIN, February 2015 Нужны ли IT-отрасли налоговые льготы: мнения Галасюка, Палиенко, Лисицкого, Довгополого, Хмиля и Ленга.
AIN, February 2015 В Украине появился новый венчурный фонд BeValue. Он вложил в стартап Wishround $200 000.
AIN, December 2014 Памятка стартаперу: кого стоит зафоловить в украинском Twitter.
Nadav Lankin, December 2014 Top 8 Must Do’s for Hi-tech Entrepreneur in Kiev.
Ukraine Digital News, November 2014 Ukrainian startup Jeapie obtains $50,000 from Digital Future.
AIN, November 2014 Украинский стартап Jeapie привлек $50 000 от инвесткомпании Digital Future.
Ukraine Digital News, September 2014 The current turmoil will stimulate high tech investment from large Ukrainian groups.
Biz.Liga, August 2014 Без лицензии. Ключевые события IT-рынка за годы независимости.
M1television, July 2014 Старт-UP Show с Богданом Гнатковским (Preenster) (Часть первая).
M1television, July 2014 Старт-UP Show с Богданом Гнатковским (Preenster) (Часть вторая).
AIN.UA, July 2014 Известные деятели уанета объединились в рабочую группу по инновациям в государстве., June 2014 Ответы на главные вопросы жизни: «Работай тяжело — приноси пользу» ., May 2014 Ukrainian crisis hasn’t stopped these five startups.
Mobidev, May 2014 8 Famous IT Products From Ukraine.
Firrma, May 2014 Use case от Дениса Довгополого
AIN, May 2014 Денис Довгополый: Как мы строили отрасль стартапов в Украине
AIN.UA, April 2014 Великолепная семерка: на iForum Денис Довгополый назвал семь лучших украинских стартапов.
Biz.Liga, April 2014 iForum-2013. Web-review about the major IT-event in the country (Rus)
AIN.UA, April 2014 6 лучших книг для IT-предпринимателей по версии Дениса Довгополого.
UBR, April 2014 ТОП-5 наиболее влиятельных персон на рынке стартапов
UBR, April 2014 ТОП-7 наиболее перспективных украинских стартапов
GoalEurope, April 2014 Ukrainian Startup Rating 2013: Some New Names.
AIN.UA, January 2014 Французская BlaBlaCar купила украинский стартап «Подорожники» за $1-3 млн.
AIN.UA, December 2013 Украинский сервис для автомобилистов DriverNotes получил инвестиции от Евгении Дубинской.
AIN.UA, December 2013 ТОП-8 людей, которые повлияли на развитие украинского интернета в 2013 году.
AIN.UA, November 2013 Round table: What is the difference between e-commerce markets in Ukraine and Russia? (Rus)
Allmoldova, July 2013 Игорь Стефурак. Что делает фаундер для своего проекта? Снижает риск неудачи.
DELO.UA, April 2013 Denis Dovgopolyiv, BVU Group: Ecosystem of startups support has already developed in Ukraine (Rus)
Biz.Liga, April 2013 Denis Dovgopolyi: We consider 600 projects every year, up to 90% of them are unworthy (Rus)
IT Expert, April 2013 Every year around 300-500 projects appear, still only dozens survive – Denis Dovgopolyi (Rus)
Biz.Liga, April 2013 Denis Dovgopolyi: Report on startups (Rus)
Forbes Ukraine, February 2013 Would you make it? Six distinctive features of entrepreneurship (Rus)
BeTV, December 2012 Profit-Show Live: Denis Dovgopolyi (Rus)
Forbes Ukraine, September 2012 Who’s giving money (Rus)
Forbes Ukraine, September 2012 How to write a resume of a startup for investors (Rus)
DELO.UA, July 2012 Что такое стартап.
Forbes Ukraine, July 2012 Denis Dovgopolyi: What’s the difference between pseudo innovative and truly innovative companies (Rus)
DELO.UA, February 2012 Пять основных отличий европейских и американских стартапов.
AIN, August 2011 Denis Dovgopolyi: Factors of unsuccess and behavioral pattern of successful entrepreneur (Rus)
Forbes Ukraine, May 2011 Искусство быть услышанным. Какие стартапы нравятся инвесторам.