Acceleration program

The GrowthUP accelerator offers a two-part program to introduce prospective entrepreneurs to concepts behind business-development and to provide support in building startups.

The first part of the acceleration program includes a series of seminars that provide insight into key principles of venture investments and the technology market, as well as rules of conduct for entrepreneurs who develop projects within this industry. At this time, entrepreneurs become acquainted with global business practices and receive recommendations for applying these practices in developing their startup.

Seminar topics include:
– The basics of the technology business;
– Business models of IT startups;
– Equity;
– Marketing and sales for startups, building channels;
– The methodology that changed our industry: building a product within a startup.

The second part of the program is the more individually-oriented section, as it offers participants personalized attention from mentors who have been selected based on their qualifications and expertise on issues pertaining to the given project. At this stage, we assist in developing the company’s strategy for the purpose of reducing risks at the initial stages of the development. We also offer stay at the campus owned by the accelerator in Silicon Valley (USA) for projects oriented towards the global market. We believe that the success of a project requires a deep understanding of specifics of the selected market, the opportunity to obtain feedback, and to launch a dialogue with potential customers/partners and, in order to do this, it is necessary to be integrated into the global ecosystem. During the stay at our campus, we assist entrepreneurs in expanding their network of business contacts through meetings with potential mentors or customers, in obtaining feedback, and by guiding them as their startups enter the market.