The comprehensive report on Polish venture capital market 2016

We analyzed 114 Polish VC investment deals and 31 M&A transactions. The report itself contains 16 charts/infographics to discover most active VCs, top industries, sources of invested capital etc.

Key numbers


active funds


total invested in 2016


investment deals


tech M&A

Investment Activity in 2016

Investment Activity in 2016

Research methodology


To collect data we monitored publicly announced deals from news, corporate blogs, social networks and enriched it with data from databases (Crunchbase, Dealroom, AngelList) and direct information from deal participants (investors and representatives of the companies).

We included only those deals in which the funded company has headquarters (HQ) in Poland or/and at least has one Polish founder (currently lives or lived in Poland when the company was founded).

For acquisitions, this condition works for the company that was acquired and in the case of a merger transaction for at least one of the companies.

Get the report and raw data

Raw data* + the report

The report

* The list of all deals in XLS format. It contains data about all Polish investments and M&A transactions in 2016 (amounts, investors, dates, etc.)