Terms of participation

We are primarily interested in supporting projects with the following characteristics:

1. Involved in the development of a B2B or B2C service or app;
2. Currently in the stage from an idea to a prototype;
3. 3+ people in a team where CEO is fully employed;
4. Absence of investment and liabilities;
5. Presence of people in a team who can write program code.
6. Projects based upon strong core-technology.

We believe that the perfect team would include:
1. CEO;
2. Programmer;
3. User Interface-designer.

Having applied and passed the pre-selection stage, globally-oriented startups must first take part in our acceleration program. Then, following the completion of the program, teams will have 30 days to present the development of their businesses. Key criteria for further work with the accelerator include the ability to both demonstrate an understanding of how the technology business works and an the ability to understand market needs and adapt the product to them.

Global startups that pass the final selection stage will offer 5% equity to the accelerator in exchange for:
– a program at the campus of the accelerator: one month in Silicon Valley (travel expenses, meals, accommodations, and local transportation are provided by the accelerator for one member of startup team);
– 1-3 meetings per day with mentors who have been invited for the period of stay to assist with a specific project;
– access to our database of contacts and legal support, including assistance with registering a patent application.

The accelerator also deals with startups focused on local markets and offers them an acceleration program, access to our database of contacts and investors, and legal support. Conditions are discussed on a case-by-case basis.
For all projects, global and local, we are ready to act as a co-investor in the project with an investment of $ 25,000-50,000 from the GrowthUP+ seed fund.

Apply for acceleration program: http://bit.ly/apply-growthup

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